Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is behind Bee's?

The secret identity's out... meet the girl behind Bee's



Where is Bee's Blossoms based?

Our floral studio is located at 8/5 School Street, in Mudgeeraba, on the Gold Coast, however we deliver all across the GC + Northern NSW 5 days a week! Please note, we are not open for walk ins, and are only open for store pickups, where a time for pickup needs to be arranged before arriving.  Thank you for understanding :))

Can you send me a photo of the bouquet?

We most definitely can! There is a personalised option at the checkout specifically for this!  



What suburbs do you deliver to?

We deliver alllllll across the Gold Coast & Northern Rivers. For weddings & events, we are happy to travel as far as needed. Roadtrip, baby! Please note: We do not have postcode 2484 available for delivery on our website due to it covering such large ground. However, we are happy to deliver to Murwillumbah. If you are after a delivery here, please email us so we can sort out a suitable quote and get your flowers delivered ASAP! 



Do you offer same day delivery?

We sadly don’t regularly offer same day delivery, but you’re more than welcome to shoot us a message before 10am and we will see what we can do! Alternatively, we know of some other flower fairies we would be happy to recommend to you!



What happens if no one's home when my order is delivered?

When placing your order, you’re automatically agreeing that you’re happy for us to leave the blooms out if no one is home if it's safe, but don’t worry! All floral bouquets come wrapped in a water bag. Naturally, we will try to leave the blooms out the sun, however, we cannot guarantee this. That is why it is crucial to make sure the recipient's phone number is correct so our courier can text them that a cheeky delivery is waiting at their doorstep (but don't worry, they don't ruin the surprise)! If we can’t get a hold of our recipient, we will call or text you. Our delivery drivers will always do their best to assess the situation case by case, and if they deem it unsafe to leave outside (eg. a super hot day, the delivery is to an apartment building we cannot get access into etc) the flowers will be brought back to the studio, where the recipient can collect, or another delivery fee will apply for a redelivery.  This is why it is best to please ensure you have 2 seperate phone numbers on the order - yours, the orderer, and the recipient. 



When will my order be delivered?  

Our amazing drivers deliver pick up your blooms from our studio around midday, and will aim to have them delivered before 6pm, however this is only a guide as times will fluctuate. If you have given us the right number for your phone, you should expect a notification when your blooms are on their way, so sit tight! Please note we do not take timed deliveries, and no specific time can be guaranteed on our deliveries. We try our best to send you a photo if requested, but sometimes this isn't possible if we are flat out! Thank you for understanding!



I want to place an order for Sunday, but there is no option for delivery. What do I do?

We don’t normally deliver on Sundays, but if you are reaaaally wanting a Sunday delivery, shoot us an email here, and we will do our best to cater to you! A surcharge does apply. 



Do you deliver to hospitals, schools + universities?  

Yes, we do! No extra fee applies either! Woohoo!

What happens if I made a mistake on my order?

For any changes for the delivery date, message, delivery address or the recipient’s name, please notify us ASAP! If an incorrect delivery address or incorrect delivery name has been supplied and we have already left our studio or delivered the blooms, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible. This is the same if your flowers have been delivered to an address which is no longer valid or you have entered this wrong. Pleaaaaase pretty please triple check both your details & the recipient's so we don't ever have this issue. 



Why do you ask for my phone number?

We ask for your phone number incase we need to contact you about the delivery, or we can't get ahold of the recipient. We can also text you photos, and delivery updates too, so it's important that you make sure your number is different to the recipient's so it doesn't ruin the surprise!



Why do you ask for the recipient's number? Don't you just need mine?

If the recipient isn't home to receive their blooms, we send them a cheeky text or call to let them know that their blooms are waiting for them, so you don't have to! 



My flowers are different to the bouquets shown on the website. Why? 

Each day’s flowers vary from another’s based on seasonal availability.  This is the best part - they are different every day and no 2 bouqs will be the same! We can’t guarantee any specific flowers or colours for our bunches, but we can promise your bouquet will be so dreamy and oh so whimsical.   



I’m unsure what bouquet style to choose. What do I do?

If you aren’t sure on what bouquet type you’re after, it's totally a-okay to leave it up to us! Just select any bouquet in the size you're after, and you’re welcome to write us a little message in the checkout with some context and we will pick the bouquet type we think is most suitable to the situation. Alternatively, we will just choose something based on what we have in fresh that morning! E-Z!   

Why are your blooms always in kraft paper? Can I request a different wrapping?

We believe that creating bespoke flower bouquets should cost our beautiful Mumma Earth very little. We pride ourselves in using recycled & sustainable materials, wherever possible. If you would like us to wrap your blooms in just acid free tissue paper instead of recycled kraft paper, just let us know in the checkout and we will do our best. You can read more on our sustainability & ethics here.

My flowers aren't how they looked on the website. Can I have a refund?

All our bouquets are based on seasonal availability, so naturally each stem is different. Although we hand deliver our bouquets and assess the quality before they leave the studio, in the rarest case ever that your flowers might arrive damaged, please, don't leave us a bad review. Instead, send us a photo with some details within 3 hours of receiving your blooms, so we can assess your situation and come up with an agreed solution! We have and will always pride ourselves on using high quality blooms, so compromising on quality just isn't an option for us.   Please ensure you have carefully followed our care instructions. We do not offer change of mind refunds or returns.  

How do I take care of my dried blooms?  

Dried blooms are great as they require next to no care. I’m looking at you, lowkey gal! If you have a bouquet, unwrap it and trim the stems so the bouquet fits nicely in a vase of your choice. If you have an arrangement, they will come already made into the vase (yay!) Once you’ve found a sweet little shaded nook for your blooms, keep ‘em there! Your dried blooms will thrive somewhere where they won’t be moved often, but appreciated allllll the time. Dried flowers don’t like moisture or humidity, so outside or in a bathroom is not the ideal place. Keep in mind your flowers are of organic nature, so naturally they will change in shape and fade over time. This is totally normal. A cheeky little spritz of hairspray once in a while doesn’t hurt to hold them in place. And don’t forget, no water!



Are your dried flowers Australian / locally sourced?

Oh how we would love to say yes and pretend they are, but sadly the answer is a lot of the time no. We do our best to buy local / Australian with fresh flowers, but this is SO hard with preserved flowers. There are very limited options for preserved and dried flowers which haven’t actually come from overseas due to the bleaching and dying process. However, a lot of the flowers seen in our dried arrangements are consciously dried ourselves, and even sometimes locally foraged too.  



Are dried flowers sustainable?

A lot of florists will market dried and preserved flowers as sustainable. They are right in the sense they last for years and it saves buying fresh flowers every fortnight, but they also leave the part out of the thousands of kms they’ve travelled in overseas transport and the cocktail of toxic chemicals used to bleach and dye the plant material. It is completely understandable for florists to market them as sustainable without realising the actual process or what happens behind the scenes. However, we think we have a responsibility as business owners to be knowledgeable about our products and market them correctly. We know dried & preserved flowers aren’t really sustainable, so drying flowers ourselves is something we take a lot of pride and interest in! We also continue to, and plan to look at better options for sustainability in dried and preserved flowers. It isn’t fair to you, our customers, to label them as sustainable without the very large elephant in the room disclaimer that they aren’t completely. We only ever aim to be completely transparent.  

One of the stems in my bunches is wilting. What do I do?  

“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.” - Oskar Wilde. Unfortunately, this is what happens with fresh flowers! We make a conscious effort to include flowers with different lifespans in our bouquets, so you get the most out of your blooms. To ensure that the wilting flower doesn’t infect or upset the other flowers in the bunch, take it out of the bouquet and change the vase’s water. Depending on how sad it’s looking, you can choose to quarantine it in its own vase to get the most out of it, press it in a flower press or in-between 2 books with baking paper, put it in your worm farm or organic compost, or simply bin it!  



How do I take care of my fresh blooms?
With each bouquet, we attach a little care card with instructions on how to keep your blooms living their best life! We recommend to carefully unwrap your blooms out of their wrapping ASAP, trim around 2cm off the stems with sharp scissors or garden shears on a 45-degree angle, and pop them in a clean vase with fresh water. We tie all of our bunches together with twine to keep your blooms structured and in place, however if you’d like to play DIY florist at home or you’re after a wilder look, feel free to untie them. 



Some extra tips?

Your blooms will be happiest in a cool (and if possible airconditioned!) area – not outside. Make sure no foliage or leaves are in the water, as they will rot and create bacteria in the water. We suggest changing the vase water every day, trimming the stems every 2nd and making sure your blooms are away from fruit (fruit releases ethylene gas that makes your flowers wilt quicker – who knew!?) Just because one flower has died doesn’t mean the rest of the bouquet has! Pick out the dead flowers to keep the rest of your bunch lookin’ happy!   

I have an event coming up. Can I order some table centres? 

Uh-huh! We love celebrations. Send us some details via our enquiry form here so we can get making some floral magic for you! Woohoo!



Do you do workshops?  

YES!  We have just launched our workshops!  Click here for more info! 



Do you offer a wholesale discount to businesses / account

We sure do – let’s get chatting! Email us with some details about your business. A MOQ applies. 



What is the difference between an arrangement and a bouquet?  

An arrangement is typically made into a vessel or vase with either a flower frog or oasis foam, whereas a bouquet is hand tied and has long stems which you can see.   



I am after a specific flower in a bouquet. Is this something I can request? 

Uh-huh! We always try to cater to our clients the best we can. <3   



I emailed you a while ago but haven’t heard from you. How long do you take to respond?

Occasionally our emails decide to take a detour to your junk or spam boxes. We endeavour to respond to general emails within 24 hours, and wedding enquiries within 48 hours, but this is purely based on the urgency, and sometimes emailing can take a little longer, especially during the wedding season and the weeks of Valentine's & Mother's Day. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please, check your junk and spam!  

Any other burning questions we missed? For questions, enquires or if you just want to say hi, please send an email to If you are after wedding related questions, please go to our wedding FAQ page.