Sustainability + Ethics

Our Mumma Earth is important to us here at Bee’s Blossoms, and is evident in the way our business is run.

Sustainable Wrapping 

We have carefully curated the packaging we send our beautiful blooms out in, and our packaging is reflective of our love for the Earth! We pride ourselves in using:
- Compostable twine to tie your blooms together 
- An eco-friendly/compostable water bag instead of one use plastic cello 
- Recycled kraft paper to wrap your blooms up 
- Cellulose plant based sticky tape instead of plastic tape
- Recycled paper + eco friendly ink for our business cards & care cards 
- A reusable oh-so-cute tiny peg, rather than a one-use staple to attach the care cards
- A beautiful ribbon to tie around each bunch of florals which is specifically cut long enough so it can be repurposed


Conscious Waste Disposal

- Our leftover flowers are donated to a local Palm Beach artist to press & experiment with natural flower dyes for clothing
- Our foliage scraps and green waste goes into a green waste bin, as well as our organic compost & worm farm, to be made into rich fertiliser for our garden
- The extra bits and bobs are donated to a local school’s art department, where the students turn strange things the average person finds purposeless (e.g. bottle lids), into amazing art! Rad.
- Our soft plastics are put into a separate tub and returned to a recycling depot to be repurposed
- Our cardboard and hard plastics are recycled & reused when possible


Supporting Locals

- We strive to support only local Australian growers & suppliers whenever possible, including picking up directly from the growers at their farms!  
- This means we also aim to only provide flowers which are in season. Lucky for us, Australia has a beautiful variety of incredible and diverse blooms all year round.
- Did you know local flowers are usually more expensive than imports?  But that doesn’t matter to us.  It won’t, ever. 


 Our Sponsor Children

- We don't have an offical '1% to non-profit charities' like some companies do, however we have something a bit more personal. 
- By supporting our business & buying our beautiful blooms, we are able to pass on our love & gratitude to assisting gorgeous children across the globe currently living in poverty, live a healthy & fulfilling life. 
- We currently sponsor Bleydis, the sweetest 5 year old girl who lives in Columbia, with the hope to sponsor more in the future.
- By sponsoring Bleydis, we are able to give her access to life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and job training before graduation. 


We recognise that we may do things a little differently, and it mightn’t be like your standard florist, but we think having strong environmental ethics and a stand for sustainability are more important. This shouldn’t be praised either – it should be standard for businesses to be aware of their footprint.  
We understand that we are still growing and learning,  but we hope you appreciate the sustainable choices we are currently making as a business to care for our beautiful Earth. For suggestions, comments or enquiries please let us know!
Thank you for following along on this journey!