The Beginning

Meet me, Belle.




My business was born out of pure necessity: my disorganised brother (still love you bro), 5 weeks out from his wedding day, had absolutely no vendors or florist booked.  I took it upon myself to orchestrate the most magical wedding day for him and my now sister. The rest is history… the end.
Well, not really.
Prior to this, I had visited Japan during the cherry blossom season earlier in the year. I told myself when I returned home, I would stop beating around the bush after so long of denying that floristry was what I wanted to do, so I enquired about flower school! The birth of Bee’s came unexpectedly in December 2020 when, as a student, I decided to jump in the deep end of wedding florals and event management all in the name of sibling love (never again)

I hustled, volunteered and worked multiple jobs which all lead me to be here as a qualified florist, owning a small one woman run business, which if I’m being honest, doesn’t really feel like work!  I currently stock flowers in multiple cafes & creative spaces, deliver fresh and dried bouquets across the GC & Northern NSW 6 days a week, and curate whimsical and oh so dreamy wedding & event flowers in between all of that. Work goals, right?

8 months into my business, Bee’s Blossoms placed #1 with 47% of the votes in the GC Bulletin’s Best Florist for 2021. (CRAZY!) The first person I called?  My Nana, of course.  I have been lucky enough to grow up with a deep knowledge, admiration and passion of plants and flowers thanks to her.  She is constantly encouraging me, whilst teaching me so many sneaky little tricks ranging from growing plants and post-harvest care of divine cut blooms.  Go Nana, go!

Through every detail of my work you are able to see my pure passion and love for this business.   I have curated thought-out detail orientated touches, such as little pegs instead of staples, instructional eco-friendly care cards & a service where I send the recipient a photo of the bouquet. I love working with flowers because I physically get to see the joy my blooms bring, and working with flora everyday makes me feel connected to my feminine roots, and to our beautiful Earth. 

I realised there was unfortunately a gap in the market for sustainable flowers, so I wanted to be the change. The environment is an exhaustible resource, so connecting with and taking care of our Earth is important to me, not just as a business but as a person. I honestly didn’t realise how big a silly carbon footprint can grow when you own a business.  However, I have made it my mission not to let the convenient route jeopardise sustainable choices and my environmental ethics because it is easier. If that means I need to pay bigger bucks for eco-friendly wrapping or local blooms, so be it.

I have taken what I have learnt, seen and felt from other designers, florists and flower lovers over the years to create what I think is a purposeful and convenient shopping experience, all from my hands to your home.

 Although super tough at times, it is an absolute dream being a flower fairy, all made possible by you, my love!

Thank you for supporting my small business and joining me on the journey as my business and I grow (and hopefully make minimal mistakes… but no promises)

I look forward to creating some floral magic for you soon! Signing off with flower power!