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P.S. Rest exists to bring us beautiful tea and herbal blends. We know that you care about what you put in your body, and that is why they source the highest quality organic ingredients to bring you teas that help create nourishing moments of rest, amidst the chaos of life. 

We know that tea is not just a beverage, it's a moment.

A moment to savour a blissful day.
A moment of rest amidst the chaos.
A moment with friends.
Or a moment just for you.

Whatever type of moment your tea is filling, we hope that you will enjoy P.S. Rest’s handcrafted teas. We want those moments to taste great, to nourish and to lift you whenever you need it. Most of all we want to encourage you to find those moments and enjoy them!

We are proud to say that all of Ps. Rest’s tea packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable. The 

plant based cellophane bags to keep your tea fresh are fully compostable. Just pop them in your compost with your veg scraps and it will turn into delicious food for your worms or plants! Ammmazing! 

BREAKFAST: The organic Breakfast tea is made especially for all you traditional tea lovers out there. It's deliciously huge organic black tea leaves make it an indulgent morning cuppa!  

Organic English Breakfast Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Each box contains 40g of Breakfast, which makes approximately 25 generous cups of tea.

SLEEP: The organic Sleep tea is a calming blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to encourage healthy rest. This blend combines delicious floral notes of lavender and chamomile, with the calming and healing properties of calendula and rose. The flavour finishes with a soothing spearmint. The Sleep blend is the perfect start to a restful night, as it is also naturally caffeine free!

Each box contains 25g of Sleep, which makes approximately 25 generous cups of tea.