Pastel Tablecentre In Pot

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Inspired by enchanted English cottage gardens, our most popular whimsical pastel colourway is now available in the cutest tablecentres!  Adorned with fragrance & beautiful blooms, our table centres overflow with florals and are created to look unique and stunning from every angle. The icing on the cake?  They are also designed using sustainable, floral-foam free mechanics! 

Making your event floral ordering that much easier, our tablecentres are perfect for baby showers, birthdays or special events. You can now line your table or accentuate. a special table with our beautiful flora.  All tablecentres are created with flowy + whimsy blooms, but created with sitting at a table in mind, to ensure that you can still see over the florals and converse. 

Moving away from tradition and onto a sustainable foam-free approach, our tablecentres are ethically created in divine white ceramic pots, to ensure versatility.  The white ceramic pots are approx. 12cmx12cm or 15cmx15cm, depending on the size you have selected.  

TIP: Our tablecentres can be placed close together for more of a floral impact, or one piece to a table with scattered candles + bud vases for a simpler design, depending on your budget & how lavish or minimal the look you're going for is.  

All arrangements include the pot for you to keep. 

Please note, we have a minimum of 2 tablecentres.  Please only select the single tablecentres as an add on. 

Thank you for the love & support. ✨  

Although we can’t guarantee any specific flowers or colours for our pastel tablecentres, you can put your feet up knowing your arrangement will be oh so dreamy and divinely scented.  All of our tablecentres are based on seasonal availability*, and we strive to support local suppliers & growers. Please note - all phalaenopsis orchids are imported from overseas. 

What is the delivery process?

1. You order your blooms or desired product

2. We create it just for you

3. We mark your order as ready for delivery

4. Our delivery drivers come to pick the order up around midday

5. The drivers are off to do their delivery run

6. Your blooms get delivered (yay!)

6. We mark your order as complete once our couriers have finished their complete run

Our couriers are too busy delivering beautiful flowers to have time to text every florist they deliver for that day when every single bouquet is delivered, but you can rest assured that if you have asked for the order to be delivered by a certain time as it is going to a business, our couriers will make sure this happens.  If you haven't requested a specific time, your order will be delivered by 6pm. 

What is the pick up process?

1. You order your blooms or desired product

2. We create it just for you

3. We mark your order as ready for pickup once it is made up & send you a message to organise a suitable time for pick up

4. You come to pick up your order from our studio at 8/5 School Street, in Mudgeeraba

5. We mark your order as complete once you have picked your blooms up 

If you have any questions regarding pickup info please click to read more. Thank you! 

With each bouquet, we attach a little care card with instructions on how to keep your blooms living their best life! We recommend to carefully unwrap your blooms out of their wrapping ASAP, trim around 2cm off the stems with sharp scissors or garden shears on a 45-degree angle, and pop them in a clean vase with fresh water. We tie all of our bunches together with twine to keep your blooms structured and in place, however if you’d like to play DIY florist at home or you’re after a wilder look, feel free to untie them. 

Your blooms will be happiest in a cool (and if possible airconditioned!) area – not outside. Make sure no foliage or leaves are in the water, as they will rot and create bacteria in the water. We suggest changing the vase water every day, trimming the stems every 2ndand making sure your blooms are away from fruit (fruit releases ethylene gas that makes your flowers wilt quicker – who knew!?) Just because one flower has died doesn’t mean the rest of the bouquet has! Pick out the dead flowers to keep the rest of your bunch lookin’ happy!   

“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.” - Oskar Wilde. Unfortunately, this is what happens with fresh flowers! We make a conscious effort to include flowers with different lifespans in our tablecentres + bouquets, so you get the most out of your blooms. To ensure that the wilting flower doesn’t infect or upset the other flowers in the arrangement, take it out of the arrangement/bouquet and change the vase’s water. Depending on how sad it’s looking, you can choose to quarantine it in its own vase to get the most out of it, press it in a flower press or in-between 2 books with baking paper, put it in your worm farm or organic compost, or simply bin it!  

We use a great courier that lucky for us delivers our orders all around the Gold Coast + some parts of Northern NSW for us, specialising in flower deliveries to ensure your delivery arrives exactly how it left our studio, in perfect condition! 
They charge their delivery fee (which will be added in the checkout) based on the radius in km travelled from our flower studio, at 8/5 School Street in Mudgeeraba. 
There are some suburbs which although it may be within x radius of our studio, we don’t offer delivery there as it may be out of our courier’s regular run up and down the coast. If you think the area you’re wanting a delivery to might be a bit far out, please just shoot us a message so we can ask our courier if it is possible to do! 
Our delivery prices are as follows: 
Within a 6km radius - $14
Within a 6-12km radius - $18
Within a 12-18km radius - $22 
Within an 18-22km radius - $26
Within a 22-30km radius - $30 
Thank you so much for understanding!